The Top 8 Things to Do on Kingsdag in Amsterdam: A Vibrant Orange Affair

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Kingsdag in Amsterdam is not just a national holiday; it’s a vibrant, orange-tinted extravaganza that brings the city to life with festivities. Celebrated in honor of King Willem-Alexander’s birthday, this day is marked by nationwide celebrations, with Amsterdam being the epicenter of all the fun and frolic. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Kingsdag offers a plethora of activities to immerse yourself in Dutch culture and revelry.

The Orange Craze: Dressing for Kingsdag

Amsterdam on Kingsdag is a sea of orange, the national color representing the Dutch Royal Family. It’s not just about wearing orange; it’s about embracing the spirit of the day with creative and outrageous outfits. From orange hats to full-on costumes, the city transforms into a carnival of colors. Don’t forget to add a touch of orange to your attire and join the parade!

Kings Day Boat Party in Amsterdam

Navigating the Canals: Boat Parades and Parties

The canals of Amsterdam become the stage for one of the yearly kings day boat parties. Hundreds of boats, decked out in orange and blasting music, sail through the waterways. The vibrant canal-side parties are a sight to behold. Grab a spot along the canals early, as they tend to get crowded quickly.

Street Markets and Vrijmarkt: A Shopper’s Paradise

Kingsdag is also famous for its Vrijmarkt, a nationwide flea market where everyone from professional traders to children sell their goods. The streets of Amsterdam turn into a bustling marketplace where you can find everything from vintage clothes to homemade treats

. It’s a unique opportunity to haggle and score some rare finds. Amsterdam’s streets transform into a vibrant tapestry of stalls and smiling faces. For those looking for unique souvenirs or just a fun shopping experience, the Vrijmarkt is a must-visit.

Kingsdag Outdoor Concerts and Music Festivals

Music is a cornerstone of Kingsdag celebrations in Amsterdam. The city comes alive with numerous outdoor concerts and music festivals. From electronic dance music to traditional Dutch tunes, there’s something for every music lover. Keep an eye out for free concerts in public spaces, a perfect way to enjoy the festive spirit.

Family-Friendly Activities on Kingsdag

Kingsdag is a family affair, and Amsterdam ensures that there’s plenty of fun for the little ones. Family-friendly zones are set up throughout the city, offering games, face painting, and interactive activities. These safe spaces provide a joyful experience for families looking to celebrate together.

Local Delicacies: Dutch Foods to Try on Kingsdag

Indulge in the culinary delights of Dutch cuisine on Kingsdag. The streets are lined with food stalls offering everything from Stroopwafels to Bitterballen. Don’t miss out on trying Oranje Tompouce, a special Kingsdag pastry. A culinary journey through the Dutch flavors is a must-do on this festive day.

Nightlife and After-Parties: Kingsdag After Dark

As the sun sets, the Kingsdag celebrations transition into vibrant nightlife. Amsterdam’s bars and clubs host special Kingsdag parties, offering a night of dance and entertainment. It’s a chance to experience the city’s renowned nightlife and keep the party going till the early hours.

Photography and Social Media: Capturing Kingsdag Memories

Kingsdag is a photographer’s paradise, with vibrant scenes around every corner. Capture the essence of the day with your camera or smartphone. Share your experience on social media using hashtags like #KingsdagAmsterdam to connect with fellow celebrants.

Kingsdag on a Budget: Enjoying Without Overspending

Celebrating Kingsdag doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of free events and activities around the city. Walking through the festive streets, enjoying the free concerts, and simply soaking in the atmosphere can be a delightful experience without spending much.

Accommodation Tips: Where to Stay During Kingsdag

Planning your stay in Amsterdam during Kingsdag is crucial. Look for accommodations close to the city center to stay in the heart of the action. Book well in advance as hotels and rentals get snapped up quickly for this popular event.

Kings Day Boat Party in Amsterdam

Kingsdag FAQs

  1. What should I wear on Kingsdag?
    • Embrace the orange! Whether it’s a simple accessory or a full outfit, wearing orange is a fun way to join in the celebrations.
  2. Are the Kingsdag celebrations suitable for children?
    • Absolutely! There are numerous family-friendly zones with activities catered to children.
  3. What are the must-try foods during Kingsdag?
    • Indulge in Dutch treats like Stroopwafels, Bitterballen, and the special Oranje Tompouce.
  4. Where is the best place to view the private Amsterdam boat parades?
    • The canals around the city center offer great views, but arrive early to secure a good spot.
  5. How do I stay safe during Kingsdag?
    • Keep your belongings secure, stay hydrated, and be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas.
  6. Can I participate in the Vrijmarkt if I’m visiting?
    • Yes, the Vrijmarkt is open to everyone. It’s a great way to experience Dutch culture.


Kingsdag in Amsterdam is a celebration like no other, full of vibrant colors, lively music, and a spirit of communal joy. Whether you’re participating in the street markets, dancing at a concert, or simply soaking in the festive atmosphere, Kingsdag is an unforgettable experience. Join the orange-clad masses and make your own memorable moments in this unique Dutch celebration.